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Export Agents

An export agent is often very good for assistance working with foreign markets. What an export agent does, is represent your company overseas – finding buyers, negotiating contracts, and sending all of this data back to you so that you can make the final decision on whether or not to conduct business with his or her contacts.

An export agent is paid by commission – that is – they make a percentage of the export trade deal that you agree on with the buyers he locates. In many instances, an very successful export agent may represent an entire market in certain areas, and this can help you be successful, too. When looking around for an export agent, be sure to see their previous work but also make sure to get references from their previous employers. An excellent export agent would be one that has his or her own portfolio of contacts in the country you're planning to export to. This way the agent can get to work straight away selling your products.

What is good about having an export agent is you can reduce the amount of time you will have to travel yourself, while having that agent represent your business overseas. It's also a benefit that you pay an agent a commission because it's performance based, and they will work hard for you in order to make good money. Whether you're just starting an export business, or you've run one for quite some time, an export agent can be your direct link to the possibility of a large market share in the country you're exporting to.

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