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Export / Import Information for Small Business Owners in Australia

Exporting & e-Commerce

The use of E-Commerce and the Internet brings an ease of communication and greater access to customers and services for any business. It is now possible to bring this convenience to the world of export marketing.

If you're not sure how to get online with your own domain name, ask at your local town hall or city centre. Once you are ready to go, or if you already have a web site up and running, then here are some tips for getting the most out of the Internet and how it can help your export business.


In today's internet, content is king. Even if you're selling a product online or exporting goods and using the web site as a means of contact, the more relevant content you place in that site, the better it will perform. And the better it performs, the more people will visit. More visitors bring more sales, and the cycle continues. Consider writing relevant, keyword rich articles for your site, or having someone else write them for you.


Services are available online which allow you to advertise effectively by placing your website ads in search results of browsers. This can be a good source of traffic to your web site, but don't put everything you have into this strategy. Offline promotion is also a great way to advertise, such as in newspapers or export trade magazines.


Is your website in English? Studies have shown that 93% of internet users speak English. But hold on – the same study shows that 64% of the same users also speak another language. So consider the markets you're exporting to, and a nice feature on your site would be a text translator option where visitors can choose the language they are most comfortable with.

Ease of Communication

Almost everyone uses email today. Having your export business online can help consolidate everyone on your team to one source, sharing the same email suffixes and even being able to teleconference from whatever location they are in, all over the world.

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