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Export / Import Information for Small Business Owners in Australia

Government Export Permits

When exporting from Australia, previously you required an export license. This is no longer the case, except under certain conditions where you may be trading products that meet a special criteria.

The items in export for which you must get an export license are:

  • Australian natural resources
  • Atomic materials
  • Food products such as meat, wine and beer
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Australian conservation items such as historical artefacts

To find out exactly which products require an export license, you may want to check out the Australian Customs Website at:

Typically, an export license or permit places trust in your buyer because they know they are getting a product that has been properly quality-controlled. This is also important because the government wants to limit trade of certain items that may be of importance to Australia, such as historical relics that may be of interest to national museums rather than being exported for sale. But perhaps most importantly, the government wants to ensure that trading through exporting is done safely, and provides these licenses as acceptance of these guidelines.

Export permits and licenses, if you do require one, must be applied for from the Australian Customs Service and you can view their complete procedures here:

The licenses are available through many different branches of the customs organization. The United States, China, and the European Union also have similar export licensing.

You can find this information at the following web addresses: United States – Bureau of Industry and Security -

China - Ministry of Trade –

European Union - EU Trade Commission -

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