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Export / Import Information for Small Business Owners in Australia

World Trade Data

Where can you turn to find comprehensive World Trade data and information? The sources abound. You can use World Trade data to find out everything from import and export trends, statistics, and finances to individual total-year figures for specific countries.

This information can be helpful to your business because you can see how a similar product to yours performed during a certain year, in a certain country, and even for what price point. You can even find out types of new and emerging markets, competition markets and how they stack up against your product, and market share in your target country.

There are several companies who offer this information for a fee, and you can find these here on Free These reports generated are industry-leading statistical reports used by export agents, consultants, and businesses in Australia and all over the world.

The World Trade Organization, or WTO, offers reports on their website ( but they are not as detailed as the paid services provide. By using World Trade data you can effectively monitor the economic situation in the country you are exporting to, how your market share is being served there, as well as buying trends to broaden your export reach.

While free basic reports can give you an idea of the last fiscal year's statistics, there are very affordable services available which will monitor this data monthly. These are worth looking into for any export business, and are usually paid by subscription.

Examples are provided here on this website for your convenience.

One such resource is the GTI (Global Trade Information) website at:

WTO (World Trade Organization)

Australian Trade Commission
Offer a comprehensive index of countries and all of their trade data with Australia in recent years.

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